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Current issues that are affecting childcare as a whole.

Equitable Education

These trainings are designed to dismantle obstacles that confront achieving educational potential due to personal or social circumstance such as: gender, ethnic origin, and family background.

Family Engagement

Let's explore family engagement in the education process and the benefits it brings to parents, educators, and communities. Family Engagement plays an important role in dealing with challenging behaviors.


Technology is here to stay! It is important that we we are trained and well versed on the Developmentally Appropriate use of technology and its role as a help in our children's education.

Meet Demmentrice

Impacting children and families through education has been an exciting and purposefully journey for me. In 2017 I created Brain Pickers Consulting and Training, after working in the Childcare Industry for over 16 years. Brain Pickers is a unique Child Care consulting firm that inspires educators and professionals to explore current challenges of what’s possible in the world of Education.

Educators are on the frontline of change and they have a direct impact on the lives of our children. As a Certified Trainer and PLC Coordinator, I have a Bachelors Degree in Early Childhood Education, a Masters Degree in Secondary Education, and a Masters Degree in Business Administration. My knowledge along with experience has granted opportunities on the state and governmental level, in the Public School System, Head Start, Prekindergarten, Family Daycare Providers, Childcare Centers, and as a speaker for professional conferences.
Education is not just my profession it is my passion! Allow the team at Brain Pickers, to introduce you to innovative knowledge and different support tools need for future success in Early Childcare Education. Welcome to the mind of a Child!

“Cultivating Minds for a Potential Harvest” -DJ

Demmentrice Jefferson M.S., M.B.A
Early Childhood Educational Consultant/Certified Trainer
Brain Pickers Inc.

Things We Specialize In

Early Learns Ages Birth to 5

Brain Development
Social and Emotional Development
Developmental Appropriate Practice (DAP)
Cognitive Development

School Age/After School Ages 5-12
Phonological vs Phonemic Awareness
Reading Comprehension
STEM ( Science, Technology, Engineering, Math)
Business 101
Team Building
Promoting a Positive Work Climate
Breaking Communication Barriers
Modeling Effective Leadership


If you are considering opening a childcare or changing the the way you operate here’s how we can help: Learn About Child Care Licensing Requirements, COVID-19, Write a Childcare Business Plan, Prepare Your Childcare Facility, Develop Policies and Procedures, Assist in Marketing Development and Hiring knowledgeable Staff.


As your contracted TA we provide training, coaching, and mentoring catered to childcare centers, that are wanting to exceed regulatory and licensing standards. This is a service that can be utilized by home childcare providers, private centers and public education systems. We at Brain Pickers are proficient in the use of the ERS (Environmental Rating Scales)


Being able to respond in a crisis is critical. All childcare providers should be trained in CPR. Brain Pickers Provides infant child and adult CPR certification the the American Red Cross

Professional Learning
Community Coordinator

A collaborative group of educational professional committed to continued learning practices that value a shared vision. Research supports that PLC’s are the most effective method for improving learning and lasting ways because the practice supports enhanced teaching and learning on multiple levels. (Certified Trainer)

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